Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

How to Make Your Life More Colourful

Yap! One of many way to make your life more colourful is don't be normal. Why? Hey, life too short to following your life, right? You should do or try something new that you never did before, although people think that's abnormal, weird, or anything. As long as it's positive and good for you, why not? Sometimes, people have many wonderful ideas or imagination and I'm sure you too. But, they affraid to make their ideas and imagination happened because they don't know what they want to do or from where they should to start. Hey, I'm sure we'll don't know what would happened before we try. So, don't let your beautiful young time would ended useless. Let's do more, think big, and be 'abnormal' : )

* Remember, only do or try something new that positive and good for you.

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