Who are you?

Me? Umm...

  1. My full name is Citra Ayu Ningthias, I usually called Citra or Cece.
  2. Was born in Jakarta, on 11th September.
  3. I'm 16.
  4. I'm the oldest daughter of two, i have one young sister but she look like older than me^^
  5. All of my family love everything about art and music.
  6. I'm Indonesian. My mother Sundanese, my father Javanese, but I rather belong to Betawinese^^
  7. I'm an amateur singer. I love singing in the bathroom and sometimes I feel like I'm holding a concert^^
  8. I little can English, but I'm still learning. So, I'm so sorry if I made a mistake^^
  9. I love eating, but I'm still thin._.
  10. I love vintage. It's look artful and unique.
  11. My zodiac is Virgo. Believe or not, that's makes me to be a perfectionist, melancholic, and pleghmatic person.
  12. I love listening music, everyday, everytime, everywhere.
  13. I love comic, all. Especially Detective Conan.
  14. I love baby pink, magentha, chocolate, tosca, and the other sweet colours.
  15. I'm BANA, the called of B1A4's fans.
  16. From all members of B1A4, I picked Baro as one the most I love. But, I love them so much too.
  17. For this time, I prefer to be single.

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